How to Get Involved

Hello First Years and Third Year Transfers, welcome! If you're a returning member, welcome back! In response to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, KP has made the transition to an online platform to conduct events and general meetings. Here is a quick guide to help you navigate our digital spaces!

Facebook is KP's main mode of communication to our general members. The KPUCSB Group page is where KP advertises and shares its upcoming events. Check out and follow our group page with the button below so you never miss an event! 

  • Facebook

Once you join the KPUCSB Group Page, you will receive information and the Zoom link for our upcoming events. If you decide to come out and get involved, come through to one of our events and introduce yourselves! There is absolutely no pressure into coming out to our events!

In addition to the KPUCSB Group Page, you can also interact with KP's Secondary Group Pages. In total we have six Secondary Group Pages! These Group Pages are:

KP/Pgrad Learns!: This page is a for Academic and Professional development.

KP After Studies!!: This page is used to connect with KP members after events and/or studying.

KP Memes for Makulit Teens: KP's meme page.

KP Visual Media: For all members who are interested in the visual arts.

KP Jam Sessions: For all of KP's musicians.

SCPASA (Southern California Pilipino-American Students Alliance): A non-profit organization between 31 other schools that envision a space where Pilipino-Americans come together to build a supportive network aimed towards helping one another to surpass Cultural, Social, and Professional boundaries to engender positive change within each other's lives.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of KP's CORE Members or contact us through the Contact Us button below!