History of KP

"Those who fail to look back to where they came from will not reach where they’re going."  - José Rizal 

     The history of Kapatirang Pilipino began in 1978 with the establishment of the Samahang Pilipino Student Union. SPSU was under the leadership of Barbara Yee, when a group of Pilipino students sought to learn about their culture, and to also find a community of support within the UCSB campus.


     Though the organization began with a strong foundation, it struggled for the next two years to retain that initial strength. Barbara Yee and a small group of other Filipino students met to restore the organization and interest others in joining them. At this time, the name Samahang Pilipino Student Union was changed to only Pilipino Student Union.


     As PSU established itseld of campus, more support was garnered with the Filipino Community of Santa Barbara, and from EOP, faculty, and staff on campus. To celebrate the relationships PSU has built, Pista Sa Nayon began in 1990.


     This event was the predecessor to the modern day Pilipino Cultural Night as Pista Sa Nayon was a fiesta that showcased dances, performances, games, and of course, good food. The overall theme of family was expressed during this celebration.




 In the late 1980s and early 1990s, PSU experienced an increase in membership thanks to the upsurge in the Pilipino, and Asian student population at UCSB. With newer members, Filipino or not, a new identity was needed to better describe the club and to make it a distinct organization on campus. The officers and members renamed the club from PSU to the current name of Kapatirang Pilipino (KP), meaning “brotherhood and sisterhood.”


     To accommodate the changes, the idea of formalizing Pista Sa Nayon came about, and ultimately Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) was established. The first PCN was held on May 23, 1992. A night of cultural and modern dancing, singing, and acting, this event continues on today to be embraced by the UCSB, Goleta, and Santa Barbara communities.


     Another significant event that was created from the influence of KP in 1994 was the Celebration of Pilipino Graduates, an intimate graduation ceremony where all Pilipino students, and those not affiliated with KP, can participate. This graduation ceremony would be known today as PGrad. 

     Today Kapatirang Pilipino has grown to be one of the largest on-campus social organizations at UCSB and it continues to grow today! In over it's 40 plus year history, KP has connected hundreds of students, Filipinx or not. With the organization's events such as AKA to the cherished annual PCN,  KP has always stood besides it's mission statement by providing a safe space where all can learn, practice, and express their Filipinx experience.

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