February Community Article

What love songs have been on repeat?

Is There Someone Else? - The Weeknd (Nicole Gutierrez)

Falling Apart - ARMNHMR (Nicole Gutierrez)

Dynasty - Rina Sawayama (Nicole Gutierrez)

Kacey Musgraves' album, Golden Hour (Den Earl Dubos)

Try Again - Jaehyun (Eric Soh)

My Boo - Usher (Eric Soh)

Jasmine - DPR Live (Eric Soh)

Sofia - Claro (Matthew Brennan)

Skin - Dijon (Olivia Roxas)

Erase - Omar Apollo (Olivia Roxas)

Sweet - Bren Joy, Landon Sears (Olivia Roxas)

What do you love to do?

Read, try new recipes, find fit inspo on Pinterest, try out new food with friends (Nicole Gutierrez)

I love going to the beach for sunsets and biking around the neighborhood. I love to sing, cook, and dance. I love to play tennis. I am passionate about everything that I do. (Den Earl Dubos)

Draw, lift, basketball (Eric Soh)

Watch movies! (Matthew Brennan)

Cooking and eating good food, reading, thrifting (Olivia Roxas)

Den Earl Dubos

What is your happy place?

Paris Baguette (Nicole Gutierrez)

My home (Den Earl Dubos)

Nature (Eric Soh)

Den Earl Dubos

Olivia Roxas

What are your love languages?

What are your favorite rom coms?

Love, Simon (Den Earl Dubos)

Love, Victor (Den Earl Dubos)

Crazy Rich Asians (Den Earl Dubos, Olivia Roxas)

Pitch Perfect (Den Earl Dubos)

10 Things I Hate About You (Matthew Brennan, Olivia Roxas)

When are you the happiest?

Dressing up nice to get food or go out with my friends on a Friday night :) (Nicole Gutierrez)

When they smile because of something I did (Alvin)

With friends and family (Den Earl Dubos)

When alone and in peace (Eric Soh)

Spending time with the people I love :) (Olivia Roxas)

Den Earl Dubos

Matthew Brennan

What does love look like to you?

Seeing them smile (Alvin)

Genuine happiness. (Den Earl Dubos)

Nicole Gutierrez

Den Earl Dubos

Olivia Roxas

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

My conversation skills! (Nicole Gutierrez)

My ability to make people laugh and smile. (Den Earl Dubos)

Den Earl Dubos

When did you feel most loved this month?

My friends taking me out for a lovely and delicious dinner. (Den Earl Dubos)

Nicole Gutierrez
Olivia Roxas

Den Earl Dubos


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