AKAyyyyy: Why you should join!

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

YOOO ITS ADING SZN! Someone special catch your eye? It was probably me tbh. Totally vibing with that someone someone at FGames Practice?? Then you're in luck because its almost time for AKAyyyy.

What is AKA? Only one of the biggest friggin events of the whole friggin year! It stands for Ate-Kuya-Ading. In Tagalog, Ate means "older sister" and Kuya means "older brother". "Ading" is Illocano for "younger siblings". For AKA, your favorite Nerd Chair pairs up new members/adings with returning members/KuyAtes so they can mentor you culturally, socially, politically, AND academically! Beyond that though, it gives you a family.

Althought you are NOT required to participate in the AKA program, it's like your official entrance into the KP family. Through AKA, adings receive a kuyate, you become part of a line and a fam, and you’re able to forge bonds with other adings. As more connections form and more friendships are made, KP becomes a closer community, a stronger family. We are here for you.

So what are the AKA reqs? Well, you know that lil laptop we have you sign into at the beginning of every event? A lot of you might skip over it because the line is too looong, or you're toooo lazy, or blah blah blah. Point is, just do it. EVERY KuyAte and Ading must attend at least THREE events. Lie to me or have someone else sign in for you--then byeeee. You will be banned from AKA. So sad :( Don't make me sad. But wait AJ, what if I have scheduling conflicts? Wellll, if you pay for and attend Friendship Games, that counts as your 3 events!

AJ San Diego with his fam: Kapamilya, which is one of the biggest fams in Kapatirang Pilipino. Skyler picked up Rox and Kat, and Rox's ading is Luis! Kat's ading is AJ and Angela, and Angela picked up Krystle!

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