what the h*ck is goin on with migration

With all that is happening right now, you may be wondering, “What’s happening with migration right now?” I’ll try my best to sum it all up for you, but if you already are aware, go ahead and skip to the bottom of this post:

Many migrants are coming from Central American countries, such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. They cross the US-Mexican border in order to flee the violence, drug cartels, gangs, and poverty that has struck their homes. All they want is to be able to seek asylum once they reach the border, which means that they can be protected by the government as non-citizens.

Past administrations dealt with families crossing the borders illegally by making exceptions for them, detaining families together, or just letting them slide past. However, the Trump administration set up a “zero tolerance” policy that would require kids to be separated from their parents.

Today, due to public pressure, Donald Trump signed an executive order that will not allow children to be separated. This will keep families together and speed up the process of their cases. Sadly, this actually may make things worse. According to the 1997 Flores v. Reno settlement, this may keep children imprisoned with their families indefinitely instead of the 20 days max that they could spend in detention centers by themselves.

There is still more work to be done to bring justice to these people who just want to seek a better life. In response to the Trump administration’s overall hostility towards immigration, there will be a nationwide protest on June 30th to increase the public pressure on the subject. The Santa Barbara protest will be taking place at 11 am in De La Guerra Plaza downtown. If you are home for the summer (so am i lol), you are welcome to attend the protest nearest you. There will be protests in cities such as San Diego, Bakersfield, San Leandro, and you will be able to find the rest all on the website. Personally, I will be attending the Sacramento protest at the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Building at 10 am that day. Let me know if yall wanna meet up lmao

This all goes back to our uniting tagline, “Isang Bagsak”. This doesn’t only apply to us as an org, nor does it only apply to us as Filipino Americans. If the migrants escaping danger in their home countries fall, we fall too. It’s up to us to rise together to fight their injustices. If you read this far, comment below on your thoughts, and whether or not you will be making it out to your local protests!! I love u cuties

Find your local protest here: https://act.moveon.org/eve…/families-belong-together/search/?


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